Getting Started in Counselling

How To Sign Up For Counselling

Confirm that we are a good match

The first thing you will need is to decide if we are the counsellors for you!

If you decide that you would like to visit with either Paddy or Carole, contact us about your intention. You can do this by completing the Intake Form on the last page (Contact) of this web site. Or you can phone us at 604-209-4210. If you should get our answering machine, please leave a full message and we will contact you promptly.

When you contact us, we will inform you about the fee for service, third-party payments, confidentiality and other issues that you might wish to raise. You may ask any question that you like – please do not hesitate.

If we together decide that we are not the best counsellors for you, then we will help match you with others. There is no charge for this referral.

Give us some background

Secondly, please complete the online “Intake Form” prior to coming. This will save time for both of us and provide a written record of the basics.

Book an appointment

Once you are accepted as a client, please book an appointment by contacting Paddy or Carole. Information on how to schedule a session can be found on the contact page. For Paddy you can book online but Carole prefers the personal touch (the phone)!

Remember that if you book an appointment, it is your responsibility to pay for the time. If you should need to cancel the appointment, please let us know as promptly as possible. This will allow us to utilize the time effectively for someone else.

Thanks. We look forward to working with you.