Counsellor Referral List 2024


People often ask us about who we recommend for a counsellor, doctor, spiritual director or life coach.  Our answer usually begins with, “Well, it all depends.” A great counsellor for one person may not be a  good match for another. We all have our limitations. And someone who does great work with drug and alcohol people may well reach their limits doing marriage counselling.  

People also ask us about doctors and psychiatrists and here we usually look a bit blank. We have found that there are a lot of boundaries around finding these very busy folk. We recommend that you talk to your GP, pharmacist, or a nurse you may meet at a community mental health clinic. (By the way, we often find good recommendations for doctors, psychiatrists and other medical specialists from our neighbourhood pharmacist. They understand doctors through their prescription requests.)  

So here is a brief list of people we know and hear great reports about. Many of them are on the Lower  Mainland of Vancouver where we have worked for many years. Our listing of these helpers is by no means a guarantee that he or she is best for you. But we know them, and we know their work and we trust them ourselves.  

By the way, Carole and I (Paddy) are no longer on this list. We have both retired and now trying to figure out “what to do next?”  Does anyone know a good counsellor for a post-vocational, over-functioning, psycho-spiritual, enneagram 1 or 2, ambivert who doesn’t know how to rest? 

Counsellors and Therapists

Bruce Cairnie, M.Div., RPC has been a pastor and chaplain and now works as a clinical counsellor and member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. Located in Langley, British Columbia, he offers counselling to clients working on issues of trauma, grief and loss, relationship development and other transitions, stress management and resilience. He can be reached at or 604.626.5457.

Glen Davies, PhD, R.Psych. is a Registered Psychologist and works with children and families while directing the Able Clinic in West Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey. He is responsible for a large staff of experienced therapists. Best to reach Glen and his fellow psychologists and therapists through his site. Glen has a very long waiting list and you are best to go with one of his associates.

David Gustafson, MA, PhD is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) who works in trauma, justice / forgiveness and leadership development. His involvement in advocacy has taken him around the world in assisting those aggrieved by violence. His rates start at $150 for counselling and $250 for consulting and conferencing. You can hear and see David on YouTube or check him out on Facebook. His email is and click here for his website.

Shelley Hardy, MA, RCC works on the North Shore of Vancouver and practises using an eclectic approach including Adlerian and Family Systems Theory as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Lifespan Integration. Her office is open Tuesday-Friday and she books a couple of months in advance. She works with individuals, couples, teens and older adults but not preteens. You can find her at or go to her Jane booking app (

Jennifer Hammersmark, PhD likes her counselling about as much as she likes skiing on the North Shore mountains. Jen directs “The Counselling Group” in White Rock where each room is labeled after one of her favourite ski hills. Jen specializes in couple and sex therapy as well as working with complicated emotions.

Peter La Grand, MC, MA, RCC is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, holds a Masters of Counselling (City University of Seattle), and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies (Regent College). Peter has been an urban pastor (Artisan Church), and has worked in many mental health settings, including working with vulnerable people in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. You can reach Peter at or at La Grand Counselling.

Jolie Lambkin MA, RCC is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and has over 20 years in the helping field. Jolie has worked in a number of community non-profit organizations as well as a youth worker in a school district giving mental health support and providing a relational bridge between adolescents and adults. Jolie provides a compassionate therapeutic relationships to individuals, couples and families. She is married, part of the adoption community, has 4 children and an affectionate little dog named Winnie. You can find her at
Gloria Lee, PsyD., R.Psych. works with adults, couples, and families in the areas of relationship challenges, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, shame and self-esteem, personal growth, and leadership development. She leads groups, supervises students, and offers speaking engagements around Metro Vancouver. Gloria has extensive experience with premarital counselling, cross-cultural marriages, and marriage counselling. She is the director of Brentwood Counselling Centre in Burnaby. For more information, visit or email at

Cristina Lima, MSW, RCC. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Cristina works with individuals, couples and families who are looking for support in the areas of communication, conflict management, anxiety, depression, parenting and other life challenges. She also works with children and adolescents both at the ABLE Clinic and in her private practice in North Vancouver. You can reach her at and on her website.

Christy McLeod, MA, RCC works with her client-friends through tele-therapy (phone / video sessions) and her important focus is with youth and young adults. Clients come with human conditions: anxiety, depression, anger, trauma and the stuff of life. She draws on multiple therapies — EMDR, Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. Her byline says it all: “supporting you where you are.” Click it.

Tyler Milley, MA, RCC Tyler is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (#2886) and holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Tyler has over twenty-five years of experience working with children, youth, and families, and works collaboratively with clients to develop and attain their goals.Contact Tyler at his website or by phone (604.880.9881)

Jacqueline Nadworny, MA, RPC, MPCC-S is a Registered Professional Counsellor operating entirely online and from distant shores. People can connect with Jacqueline through or her website.

Natasha Noble, BTh, RCC, CCC is a Vancouver-based psychotherapist who works mostly online with women, men and families using emotionally focused therapy. She works to help people identify and process emotions in manageable ways to build secure relationships with others and themselves. She has a warm, down-to-earth presence and is known for creating deep relationships. You can connect with Natasha through her website (

Eli Norman, MA, RCC, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 18 years of experience helping individuals and families through not-for-profit organizations, faith communities, and counselling agencies. Eli works with adults and couples at MountainView Counselling in North Vancouver (; 778.802.8385;

David Ohori, MACPMDivRCC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a church pastor, living in BC’s Okanagan. He works with adults, families (especially the complicated kind) and couples. He also works with people with trauma. You can find him at Space 2 Flourish or on his email. Carmen, David’s wife, also works as a coach in mindfulness and bodywork. David can do online counselling.

Briar Schulz, PhD, RCC is a Registered Nurse and Registered Clinical Counsellor. Her favourite clients come from all walks of life and are honest about their mental health struggles. She has worked with individuals with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, addictions and self-harm. Furthermore, she is passionate about working with clients with eating disorders who are committed to a process of recovery and wellness. Briar is particularly astute in connecting with children, teens and young adults! Payment is available on a sliding scale. You can reach her at and CECounselling. 

Mari Swingle, PhD, RCC (Dr. Mari) works with individual adults, children and the dynamics that frequently arise in families with a child experiencing learning and/or emotional / behavioral challenges. This includes Individual therapy for anxiety, depression, transition etc. as well as parental counselling, family counseling, play therapy and couples therapy. Dr. Mari holds a MA in psychology, a MA in Education and a PhD in Psychology. She is an active clinical researcher, author of two books and numerous papers. See her at iMinds for a lovely connection.

Danny Taylor, MC, RCC is a Registered Clinical Counselor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), holding a master’s degree in counselling. Danny has had the privilege of working with children, youth, young adults, adults and families for more than 20 years, recently completing a 14-year career as an Addiction Prevention Specialist for a community non-profit organization in the lower mainland. Get in touch at Ocean Counselling.

Peter Vaughan, MA, RCC has both social work and counselling registrations and is well known in Vancouver and its environs for being a “Certified Gottman Therapist” (Gottman is a well-known marriage therapist, writer and researcher). His office is at #301 – 545 Clyde Ave, West Vancouver and you can reach him at 1-604-780-8085 or his email address at Peter’s web site is Relationship Enterprise. 

Counselling Agencies

You might wish to contact agencies rather than work with a specific counsellor. There are several advantages to this. They may operate with a sliding scale, meaning if your income is less, their fees are less. Also, you may have the opportunity to work with several therapists at different times or for differing presenting problems.Here are a few agencies that we know and appreciate.

Able Developmental Clinic in Surrey and West Vancouver and Richmond is a private, multidisciplinary clinic serving children and their families, specialising in children with disabilities. Contact the office and various teams at Able Developmental Clinic.

Brentwood Counselling Centre is centrally located in North Burnaby. It is a multidisciplinary clinic offering psychological and counselling services. They serve children, youth, adults, couples, parents, families, groups, schools, churches, and organisations. Reduced rate counselling is offered with their practicum students. For more information, visit them here.

Burnaby Counselling Group (BCG) is an association of therapists in Burnaby, Langley and Kelowna. Paddy was the original founder of this group over 40 years ago and they have many fine counsellors, social workers, marriage therapists, psychologists and others available on a sliding scale. They also serve as a training site for Trinity Western University. Contact them at 604-430-1303 or check out their website to discover these really fine folk.

Peace Portal Counselling Centre is a professionally credentialed community-based centre located in the South Surrey area that impacts lives throughout the lower mainland. They have many qualified therapists, psychologists and graduate student interns. Their director is Susie Lang-Gould who is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, national tennis player gold medal winner, a sessional instructor at UBC and a school counsellor. You can find Susie and her team here.

The Counselling Group, White Rock (yes, there is another one) is headed by Jen Hammersmark. The Counselling Group is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who provide a wide range of psychological and counselling services where clients can freely discuss their difficulties and explore potential steps towards solutions. Each counsellor in the group is registered with a professional regulatory body and has received advanced training. Here is where you find them. http://

Vancouver Couple and Family Institute — #270 – 828 West 8th Ave. Vancouver, BC | 604.677.3286 | |Web site: This group specialises in Emotionally Focused Therapy and training of professionals in EFT. Their staff include Registered Psychologists, Registered Marriage and Family Therapists, and Registered Clinical Counsellors. Fees vary per session depending on the therapist and they receive third party payments.

New Solution Mediation — Darrin Hotte is committed to empowering individuals and groups to work through conflict, transition and crisis. He has mediated over 800 disputes and has 30 years of leadership experience and specialised training in the areas of conflict, complex family systems and relationships. He is passionate about building, restoring and preserving health within companies, families, communities and organisations. You can contact Darrin and his team at New Solution. 


Spiritual Directors and Life Coaches

Spiritual direction is a historical listening and praying method for many faiths focusing on contemplating God and making personal changes in maturity and wisdom. In the last several years there has been excellent training programs and MA degrees to train such therapists. Here are a few that we recommend.

David Ducklow, BA, MASF is a spiritual director, chaplain and special education consultant who works with adults and children. You can reach him through his website at Step-by-Step or at his blog. His home-based office is in central North Vancouver and his fees are negotiable.

Laura North, CPCC is a life coach and works from her home office in Vancouver. You can reach her at 604-736-4555 or email at, and to learn more about her, please see her website at True North. Her primary clientele is people looking for clarity, strategy and action as well as those looking to just know who they are in this big world.


So, these are some of the people and organisations we recommend to you. Take some time, follow up on their websites, and ask some of your friends who also visit with counsellors. An informed decision is usually a good one. You can also fill out our Intake Form and forward it to us if you would like our help in deciding. Let us know. My best to you. (Paddy)