The Duck is Dead

Welcome to some changes at We have made a few changes to let you know about our work and how we can work with you more effectively. Here are some of the transformations.

First, we have rid ourselves of our “champagne sipping duck-on-a-couch” logo! He has been with us for 18 years and while at first we found his “quacks” endearing, they have worn on us a bit over the past few years. We figured it was time for something cleaner and less ducky. Thanks a lot to dossier-creative ( and particularly friends Don and Ronna Chisholm, for their help in branding us lime green.

The second change is my blog, “Comments from the Couch.” These are some of my thoughts, opinions and ideas for those of you who see me for counselling. The blog gives me an opportunity to speak to you about my perspective on your lives, the concerns that you are facing, and the courage with which you make changes. The purpose is to give you a few extra resources and a bit of encouragement. I hope that you make visiting my blog a regular part of your week – and do let your friends know about it too.

The third change and probably the one that will have greatest impact for both you and me is the widget on the Contact page. I have moved into the web 2.0 world of appointment setting. Probably the best way for me to keep in contact with you is to make my confidential calendar available to you 24 hours a day. This gives you the convenience of setting an appointment with me whether or not my office is open or if I am answering my email in a timely way. You’ll find an appointment button on the Contact page of the website. Feel free to give it a try. I am now just a few clicks away. (If you would like to continue booking sessions by telephone or email, please feel free. Or if you wish to book appointments with Carole, contact her at

You will notice that we have two office addresses. Carole should be back into her home-based office by the New Year. We have even built a parking pad at the top of our driveway to save you from parking in our no-parking cul-de-sac. As for me, I will continue on my Monday and Thursday counselling days at our Park Royal office.

So that is the update. I hope that you, your family and your friends visit here often.