Consulting for System Change

Organizations face a continual demand to innovate just to stay relevant. All the while there is the persistent drive to stabilize and traditionalize. When the status quo confronts and often conflicts with forces of renewal, chaos (if not conflict) results. Sound familiar?

But change in a system does not need to be chaotic. While challenging, organizational transformation can be productive and purposeful. For this to happen, most systems will need a mentor or a guide.

We work with organizations when the real is not meeting the intended. We work with the client to correct what has gone wrong and to affirm what is right. We are appreciative in our approach and genuinely appreciative of people. Our goal is that you, our clients, achieve what you define as your preferred future.

Distinctives of our Work

  • We work to discover the strengths and uniqueness of your organization. We are both positively and personally focused.
  • We are reluctant to just add on good ideas that might prove to be future liabilities.
  • We work to apply your organization’s essential assets to the weaknesses within the system such that your organization is corrected more organically.
  • We work with you at the speed of your life in both in the workplace and churchplace.


We think that working with us is a good investment of your time and resources! We can help you to move quickly and effectively complete your organizational mission. We can help you to discover and grasp service opportunities within a rapidly changing world. We provide consultation services in the following important areas of your workplace:

  • Facilitating transitions
  • Harnessing conflict (chronic and situational)
  • Facilitating team building while reducing stress

We empower organizations in working with their leadership staff in job transitions, conflict management, long-term planning. Where necessary, we also utilize the resources of psychological and vocational assessment.

Coaching in the Career Quest

Psychological assessments and interviews are often helpful for adults entering into vocational work and those in vocational transition.

Psychological assessment cannot promise to direct you to the perfect career but it can be very helpful in providing direction and caution.

We have picked the finest available assessment instruments and we have reduced the costs so that this service is within reach of students, homemakers and those in business start-ups.