We bring a psychologically thoughtful and practical approach to our presentations. Our style is appropriate for learners who want to grow and change.

You should know that the Ducklows decline more conference requests than we accept. This is due to  limited time mostly, but also we have done lots of conferences and are happy to recommend others. Contact us as to who we recommend for your conferences or workshops. However, if you are contacting us from Paris or Greece or Moscow, then we will certainly reconsider!

The Ducklows often teach on the following themes:

  • Marriage growth
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Premarital and early marriage-making
  • Parenting of children, teens and adolescents
  • Leadership strategies
  • Counselling and counsellor training
  • Conflict resolution for the good of growth
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Family Systems Theory

Futher Information

  • Pricing and costs of the seminars, email TheDucklows.
  • For ideas on running an effective seminar, please see “Conference Planning”
  • All seminars and workshops come with a teaching outline.