Coaching is the craft of guiding a person or group toward a preferred and intentional future. Coaching helps people expand their vision, build their confidence, unlock their potential, increase their competencies, and take practical steps toward their anticipated changes.

David is the primary coach of our team. His MA in Spiritual Formation has prepared him to focus on thoughts and ideas deeper than what is simply said. By the way, his coaching is multi-faith and intensely humanistic and his coaching sessions are about an hour, once per month.

The Ducklows employ the skills of “On Purpose Coaching” for groups and individuals. While much of this is done face-to-face this may be supplemented by 45 minute Skype conversations every month, including with email communication and workshop opportunities. Please contact the Ducklows for costs and descriptions of the various programs.

Paddy also offers a highly practical seminar entitled “Working with You @ the Speed of Your Life.” This one-day seminar takes the principles of “on purpose coaching” and presents these in a format that participants can apply to their own lives. Group coaching is an efficient method for families and organizations wishing to achieve in ways that they have not.