We know that it is often hard to reach out for counselling help. It is especially difficult if one imagines that the counsellor will be “on the side” of some other person; or if you should feel embarrassed about some aspect of your life. Please understand — people don’t usually come to counselling because their lives are doing great or that everything is perfect.

An Assurance of Quality

  • We will listen to you thoughtfully and thoroughly before coming to any conclusions of any kind. You can count on this.
  • We will respect what you say to us and consider it confidential between you and us. (In some quite rare circumstances, we may need to inform another about what you have said to us — please see the paper on “Confidentiality.”)
  • We will ensure that you receive the finest professional skills and attitude. You will be respected and counted as important.

Counselling with us is always confidential and respectful. We meet in the uninterrupted privacy of a professional office. The office is quiet and the feeling is friendly. For additional information on our counselling sessions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.