Who We Are

Paddy and Carole Ducklow are people who are intent to grow and change and they help others do the same. We have been offering counselling therapy for 40+ years, mostly in North and West Vancouver. Paddy is a Psychologist and formerly the Erb-Gullison Professor of Marriage and Family Ministries at Carey Theological College on the UBC campus. Carole is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who works out of her home-based office. Both work in the churchplace and workplace.

But most importantly, we are parents of two and grandparents to three of the best little people around.

Make Thoughtful Change

“Make Thoughtful Change” is what The Ducklows are about. We listen deeply and thoroughly. But we are not passive. Both of us are highly interactional in our approach to people — being a “sounding board” seems a little less than human. We are in the practice of helping people and organizations make their way from where they are to where they want to be.

What We Do

Unloose People’s Thinking

Most people’s lives get stuck because their thinking gets stuck. Paddy and Carole help people get unstuck by introducing them to ways of living that are faithful, psychologically thoughtful and practically resourceful.

Challenge People’s Change-ability

We enable people to live up to their preferred futures and not down to the limits of their own (dis-) expectations or those of others. Practical, manageable, measurable, reasonable — these are the descriptors of making thoughtful change.

Who We Do It For

We work with any person or group that is committed to growth and change. This might include various faith communities, neighbourhood groups, universities and colleges, and family-oriented businesses that want to reach to a thoughtful future. Gay and lesbian people are welcome to visit with us and often do. Our clients include churches from many denominational backgrounds, professional service firms, schools and universities, health care providers, and government service agencies.

What Makes Us “Us”

Professional Quality

We are professionally trained with appropriate professional certification (R.Psych., RCC). Our skills and learning have led to over 40 years of experience in counselling, coaching, consulting and conferencing.

Personal Focus

We don’t offer a pre-packaged program or canned answers to complexities and crises. Our personal approach is wrapped around strategies that are specific and timely.

Sincerity in Real Time

Our work is more than just a job. We are sincere and our work is clothed in respect, appreciation and genuineness.