We know that it is often hard to reach out for help.  Please understand — people don’t usually seek help because their lives are doing great or that everything is perfect.  Click here for more information.

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Mental Illness: A Parent's Journey (Stu Ducklow)

The following article was written by my brother about his daughter. Both have given permission for this to be re-posted on my […]

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What Motivates You? (Our Triple-A “Drivers”)

We are driven by needs. Many think that we are motivated by values and many of us are some of […]

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Would You Like to Super-Size That?

Size matters in emotions. Some spouses bark, bully, blame and belittle with the noisier suppressing the other by volume and […]

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Parents and Teens: A Few More Comments (Part 2)

I think a big part of parenting teenagers is self-control as in controlling oneself, not trying to control one’s near […]

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Lynette E. Provan

PhD Psychology

Paddy and Carole blend wisdom and compassion, kindness and challenge in all their counseling and conferencing activities. They are the counselors that we as counselors consult.

Glen Davies

Glen Davies

Ph.D., R.Psych. / ABLE Developmental Clinic Inc.

I refer to Paddy and Carole with complete confidence knowing that my referrals will receive the highest level of clinical competence, combined with wisdom and great kindness.

Dr. Bruce D. Clark


The Ducklows warmth, sense of humour and willingness to share on a personal level quickly breaks through, touching hearts and inspiring a deeper life.